I wish to cancel my membership how can I arrange this?

I wish to cancel my membership how can I arrange this?

Our terms and conditions can be found here.



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    • How can I downgrade to Standard, Flexi or Corporate membership?

      As per our terms and conditions, we ask our members for 3 months notice to downgrade from Ultimate membership to either of the following options; > Standard or Flexi < Please note - Flexi or Corporate Flexi members can downgrade without any notice ...
    • I’d like to cancel my golden ticket.

      Please email accounts@fore-business.com and our team will be able to assist you. You may wish to consider to change your Golden Ticket free trial month to another date as we understand work can get in the way of your networking schedule and growing ...
    • What are the different membership options?

      Please visit our Guest Area where you can view the different membership fees per country. You can also get a much better understanding on how our community can help you play guilt free golf...! https://www.fore-business.com/guest-area
    • How can I cancel my 4-ball booking?

      Please use this form to update your complimentary 4-ball https://www.fore-business.com/cancelmy4ball
    • How can I visit the groups in Spain, USA, Dubai and Sweden?

      We absolutely encourage all members to regularly visit our international groups, simply find the group you wish to visit and click the “Passport Ticket” to arrange your visit.   https://www.fore-business.com/our-golf-groups