When will I receive my Golden Ticket referral credit?

When will I receive my Golden Ticket referral credit?

All the reverent information surrounding how the Golden Ticket works including the credit for referring a new Golden Ticket member can be found here.



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    • I’d like to cancel my golden ticket.

      Please email accounts@fore-business.com and our team will be able to assist you. You may wish to consider to change your Golden Ticket free trial month to another date as we understand work can get in the way of your networking schedule and growing ...
    • I’d like to order some hard copy Golden Tickets?

      Members can regularly order hard copy Golden Tickets they are great to take to other networking events and offer them to the room, don’t forget they get a free trial month from you and we credit your account with a referral fee credit after 3 months ...
    • When will my 1st payment come out?

      Your one-off joining fee which includes your new membership pack and standard membership fee will be collected on the 1st of the following month after you have completed your Golden Ticket Free trial month.
    • I’d like to change my golden ticket free trial month.

      Please email accounts@fore-business.com and confirm the month you would like to commence your free trial Golden Ticket month. 
    • I need to receive copy invoices?

      Please send an email to accounts@fore-business.com who will happily send you the copy invoices you require